Over the last 23 years, we’ve seen craft communities change with the times, incorporate contemporary trends and revitalise dying art forms
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Being a small boutique, we had to work very hard at the grassroot level to enlist talent. We’re fortunate that National award winning craftspeople work with us

Learning from the experts, working with them to intertwine cross regional skills allows us to present never seen before fabric to patrons

By observing communities interact and families divide work, by sharing their way of life, we’ve recognised how deeply it is connected to their craft

Traversing through the interiors of India, what is striking is that extreme craftsmanship exists in very humble conditions. Yes, the government has to fix many things at the ground level, but we for our part, resolved to promote Indian fabrics the best we could.


It is very important for Banjaras to make sure that the wealth of our craftspeople’s knowledge & skill does not fade away, by making it viable for them to practice their art. We’ve taken small initiatives like giving employment to a deaf artist, supporting an artisan child’s education, following fair business practices and making sure they get their due.