As situations emerged, we discovered who we are and what we are about. We’ve stuck by our principles, though it has not been easy always
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We luxuriate in all things natural – especially fabric; we applaud work done by hand

It never ceases to amaze how natural material like pomegranate, clay, harda seeds, indigo plant leaves, are used to process and colour fabric. Banjaras is committed to include naturally dyed, naturally processed and hand made fabric as part of the range.

Participating in the lives of our crafts people and their families, even if briefly, is a privilege; dealing with them fairly is an imperative

The more Girish and Neeta were exposed to the artisans and their skills, the greater was their resolve to bring their work to the urban market. Since Banjaras has a direct relationship with the artisans, they are assured of fair trade practices.

It does not matter how small we are – our clients must have a satisfying experience at the store, with no pressure to buy

The endeavor has been to combine the warmth of a small store with the highest standard of professionalism. Systems and processes are in place to ensure this – thanks to Girish, who has a management background.

Work – life balance is not just a term; it is a serious commitment – for us and for our staff

It is strange for a retail outlet to be closed on a Sunday. But it is the one day that families get to be together. It felt better to compromise on some business for their benefit. Thankfully most patrons have been supportive and understanding.