Trip to Rustic Rajasthan

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Trip to Rustic Rajasthan
Selecting thread colours at the patwa jeweler’s

This 4 day trip to Rajasthan was action packed. This time I was on the lookout for bags, pouches, clutches. Though it is challenging to seek out suppliers with something unique to offer, the reward is in selecting articles for patrons who would love to make one of these pieces their own. I also had some pendants from my collection of 15 years that I wanted the patwa jeweller to incorporate into neckpieces.

Something on the way to the airport made me want to explore the possibility of block printing on ikat dupattas. Nidhi caught the flight the next day carrying a whole lot of the dupattas. She also had with her some contemporary designs she wanted to apply to block printing. We traveled into rural Rajasthan to meeting with one of my master block printers. Over the last 15 years, we’ve become family.

Natural Indigo dyed fabric drying in the sun… the tyre marks are a special touch 🙂
Looking at old blocks and natural dyestuff at the block printer’s
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